Mountain Hardware Wicked T - Gear Review

July 1, 2008

The Mountain Hardware Wicked T is light enough that it could be renamed the Ghost T. The fabric is one of the lightest I've ever seen in a synthetic wicking performance T. The body of the shirt is made with Koolknit which is 100% polyester circular knit and as I said very lightweight and breathable. The fabric dries quickly given that is has a wicking finish. What does all this really mean? That it's one sweet T. But, it does seem to snag super easy and the fit is a bit larger than usual. I wear an XL tee shirt and happened to get this in an XL and it's over all length is that of a L but it's flowy and big enough that it could pass as a XXL. It also has a pretty loose neck which makes me feel a bit Metro when wearing it. Quick Review of the Wicked T I've used this shirt a few times for specific uses. The first chance I had was to use it as a running top on a particularly hot day. For this purpose the shirt is a dream. I could barely tell it was on and even though the fit isn't the best (I'd suggest sizing down from your regular size if you want a good trim fit) it also pulled moisture away from me during the 7 mile run. I also had a chance to use this shirt rock climbing and backpacking. For climbing it's just too flowy for the size I have. It got in the way of my harness and rope. Better to get the size dialed in. For backpacking it worked well for the same reasons that it did while trail running but the one thing I immediately noticed was that it snagged really easily and ended up with 3 pulled fabric snags after a few hours of use. The backpack was not friendly to the Wicked T. All in all, I'd still recommend this performance tee for most outdoor and even fitness uses. This years colors are plentiful and worth checking out. Be sure to get the sizing dialed and you're in business! Features of the Mountain Hardware Wicked T Anti-microbial finish. UPF 35 sun protection Very lightweight and breathable Wicking finish Buy Now:Score the Mountain Hardware Mens Wicked T from Buy Now:Check out the Mountain Hardware Womens Wicked T

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