Lorpen Multisport Coolmax Shorty Socks - Gear Review

April 16, 2007

I guess I'll admit it... I'm picky about my socks. When I go skiing, not just any old sock will do. I prefer the Smartwool super thin variety. When I go trail running or jogging or even when I "dress up" for church, I prefer the Lorpen Multisport Coolmax Shorty Socks. I know... I'm a complete gear nerd when I think the Lorpen's are dress socks. Well, with long enough pants, nobody (including my wife) will ever know. Until 2006, I hadn't even heard of Lorpen. When fellow junkie, Kendall Card, pointed them out on I was on the prowl for a new pair of socks and he said they were money. So, I plunked down for several pairs and have been hooked ever since. The thickness of the Lorpen Multisport Coolmax Shorty Socks is perfect for hot summer weather in the mountain West. Because my feet sweat like crazy, I can appreciate the thin design and Coolmax material more than many. Though these socks are thin, they have cross-stitched fabric sections to ensure a tight fit and proper support in the right areas. I've had these socks now for 6 months and they show no real signs of wear. I pretty much wear them every day and lament when I don't have a clean pair around. They are perfect for warm weather running or light hiking. What I like about the Lorpen Coolmax Shorty Socks: Thin and lightweight for those with hot feet like me Just enough overall support Coolmax keeps your feet cool and dry Buy Now: Search for Lorpen Socks

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