KJUS Skiwear: 2008-2009 Collection

October 30, 2008

Many of you may not have heard of KJUS Skiwear (pronounced 'shoos'; visit /kjus for more info about the company and its products). And if you don't follow World Cup ski racing you may not know of KJUS's founder: Norwegian ski racing phenom, Lasse Kjus. His ski racing achievements are amazing (including several Olympic medals), and many young racers have grown up idolizing him right along with Bode Miller. But, not unlike Willy Bogner, Lasse may ultimately end up more well known for his skiwear than for the undeniable stamp he has left on the ski racing world. Founded in 2000, KJUS Skiwear takes its designs seriously --- with a clean, sleek aesthetic. And then lays supreme technology over the top, because no one takes their gear quite as seriously as racers and KJUS Skiwear is no different. KJUS Skiwear has gained much-deserved praise, and is now available in dozens of countries worldwide. They were even approached by --- you guessed it --- Bode Miller to strike up a partnership, and several of this year's KJUS items carry the Bode badge. And Bode is working with KJUS on the Bode line, which will be available in the near future as well. Attached to this post are several men's and women's items from the 2008-2009 KJUS Skiwear collection, but to get the most complete view of the KJUS brand and products (including video clips and product details) visit the brand page that we have built and dedicated to KJUS Skiwear: /kjus

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