Julbo Zebra Photochromic Lenses: Why Swap Lenses?

August 8, 2008

With the commencement of Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2008 here in Salt Lake City, it's time for the onslaught of the new and cool gear that will be coming out over the next six months. Most of the gear I'll see will be introduced in Spring 2009, but some are or will be available this Fall. Julbo sunglasses--long known as the defacto standard in glacier glasses--have been slowly entering the mainstream sunglass and goggle market. Frankly, I hadn't seen their designs in years because I had nailed them as a mountaineer-only type of eyewear company. Not so... their new lineup of cycling, running and ski goggles are solid. I'm very stoked on Julbo's Zebra Photochromic and Antifog lens technology. I've long been a promoter of lens-swapping technology because it makes sunglasses that much more versatile for all light conditions. However, I think Julbo has come upon something better. The Zebra lenses transition from 40% Visual Light Transmission (VLT) to just over 6% VLT in a matter of 30 seconds. That means, you can use the same pair of sunglasses or goggles in varying light conditions without worrying. It just may also eliminate the need for multiple lenses. I took a look at a few new designs from Julbo and I was stoked on the following models: Julbo Run Sunglasses Awesome wraparound design provides excellent coverage and superior visibility. With sticky rubber in the right places, these glasses should stay put under fast downhills on the local singletrack. Available with the Zebra Photochromic lenses or polarized options. Julbo Tracks Sunglasses A lightweight, athletic sunglass that's built for cycling, mountain biking and trail running. With built-in, adjustable lens vents, these will stay fog-free when things get hot and sweaty. Available in both Zebra Photochromic and 3-lens (polarized, hi contrast, clear), these are light and versatile. Julbo Revolution Zebra Goggles I'm a fog machine when it comes to ski goggles and these goggles intrigued me. With their single lens and Zebra Photochromic coating, I was told they performed just as well as the best designs at staying fog-free. I'll likely get a pair this winter to flog backcountry skiing, but these goggles look hot and you can't go wrong with the Zebra lenses. Buy Now: Search for Julbo Sunglasses

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