Ideal Steelhead and Salmon Combo - Fishing Gear

March 24, 2008

With Steelhead season picking up and Salmon season just around the corner I decided it was time to pick up a new fishing rod and reel. I found an excellent setup with the Penn SV6000 Spinning Reel & Rod Combo. This Rod and reel combo package has it all, it is well balance has a large spool and the drag system is one of the smoothest that I have used. The SV6000 Spinning Reel & Rod Combo by: Penn Offers the best performance at a very affordable price. The SV6000 reel is equipped with a large spool making it a great choice if you will be making those longer casts. It also has a very light weight graphite frame making it one of the lightest in its class. It gives you a smooth operating system and is ready and capable of good hook-sets. The spinning rotor is balance and there is no rotor wobble in this spinning reel. The Penn SV6000 has excellent line capacity too, capable of holding the following: 270-yds of 10-lb test 250-yds of 12-lb test 270+ -yds of 6-lb test 225-yds of 16-lb test 200-yds of 20-lb test The SV6000 combo comes with a rod that is equally amazing for its price, This rod is made with a matte black blank and has silver wrapping on the guides and ferrules has a cork butt and fore grips, a graphite reel seat, Stainless steel hoods, and aluminum oxide guides for long lasting dependability. This combo package will make a great steelhead and salmon rod for years to come. It is not over sized is well balanced and extremely light for a steelhead and salmon rod. If you too are looking at buying a new rod and reel for the upcoming season I definitely recommend the Penn SV6000 Combo package. More Info: Steelhead

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