Icebreaker Nature UltraLite Top

November 10, 2008

So, I have never really been a fan of wool. The idea of the itchy, scratchy material up against my skin all day doesn't really sound appealing. However, I decided to branch out and give it one last try with an Icebreaker Merino Wool Nature Ultra Lite Top. I am now what you would call a wool addict. I can admit it, I have a problem. After purchasing my first Icebreaker piece, I proceeded to wear it for a week straight, testing out the "Stink Free" claim Icebreaker makes so confidently. Though it was nowhere near the current record of 200+ days of continuous wear, within my week trial, I still smelled great! I'm sure my classmates and co workers were a little concerned about my lack of changing however... The Good Itch-free! Merino wool feels great against the skin "Nature" line consists of stylish pieces that still do a great job insulating- I can go from the slopes to class and not change my shirt! Merino wool is an environmentally friendly renewable resource. Icebreaker has also gone the extra step with accountability in production- each garment comes with a "Baaa Code," which you can type on the Icebreaker website, and track exactly which production center your garment was made at and view the conditions in that production center. Pretty cool! 160 weight wool is a great first layer- keeps you warm enough but isn't insulation overkill. The Bad We all know everything of quality comes at a price... And my Icebreaker garments are some of the most expensive layering pieces I own. Definitely pricey for a baselayer, but it will last. Buy Now! Icebreaker Nature Ultralite Top

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