Garmont Re-vamps Ski Mountaineering Boot Line for 2009/2010

December 24, 2008

Garmont introduces a new men AT boot line for Winter 2009/2010 based on their ground-breaking a.d.d. Wrap. The Garmont A.D.D. Wrap overlap ski mountaineering boots set a new standard in ski mountaineering boots. Their unique overlap more closely follows the anatomy of the foot and lower leg for crisp, precise downhill performance, while cradling it comfortably and securely for touring comfort. The unique overlap design eliminates the restrictive tongue to allow more independent movement between the cuff and lower shell. That means better walking, climbing, and skinning, with a progressive downhill flex. These boots balanced design provides the best of all worlds: light and comfortable on the tour, formidable on the descent. Radium and Shogun utilize the Rapid Thermoformable liners, the most refined fully-thermoformable liners available. Helium has the lower Flash liner with the same technology. Four foam thicknesses and densities each serve a specific purpose. A new softer, thinner elastic thermoformable toe insert offers warmth and additional comfort. Extra reinforcement around the cuff aids in comfort when leveraging over fat skis and in high-speed turns. The tongue is reinforced with a plastic T-Bar® made of Pebax®. The new Stobel-stitch sole design allows the footbed and foot to sit flatter and more anchored in the liner, while it maximizes forefoot width for comfort. The Radium is the highest-performance ski mountaineering boot on the market, truly the best of both worlds�ouring and skiing. It is light and very easy-walking, yet as stiff and responsive as an alpine boot. The Radium unique overlap design allows the cuff and lower shell to function very independently when hiking, yet it buckles down securely to descend like the best alpine boots. Its responsive multi-injected lower shell and cuff are built from Pebax® for the lightest weight and least temperature sensitivity. The new Shogun is the benchmark for step-in Touring Norm binding compatibility. Like the Radium, it is flexed for performance. Its multi-injected lower shell has a unique flex insert for touring ease, multi-injected cuff for a close, responsive fit with awesome leverage. Burly enough to rip the toughest terrain and conditions on big skis, it still light enough for extended tours. The Helium walks like an ultralight and skis like a 4-buckle. Its multi-injected Flex Insert is tuned for easy touring and scrambling, while its High Overlap shell and cuff close around the foot and leg securely for ripping the descent. The Helium High Overlap panel provides the forward contact and skiing control of a much bigger 4-buckle model—a huge advantage in such a tourable boot. TECH* or UNI compatible, the Helium is our choice for long tours and more technical terrain that requires scrambling and crampon work. The Daemon balances superb walking with outstanding skiing performance for the varied demands of all-around ski mountaineering. Thanks to its innovative a.d.d. Wrap overlap design, its cuff and lower shell move independently for easy touring, with precise, aggressive downhill performance. The Daemon is compatible with both the TECH* binding system and the ISO norm for step-in ski mountaineering bindings. 2009/1010 Garmont Radium Liner: Rapid Thermoformable Sizes: 25-30.5 Mondo Color: Aubergine MSRP: $759.95 Binding Compatibility: Universal Ski Mountaineering, TECH* 2009/1010 Garmont Shogun Liner: Rapid Thermoformable Sizes: 25-30.5 Mondo Color: Red/Grey Pearl MSRP: $659.95 Binding Compatibility: Universal Ski Mountaineering 2009/1010 Garmont Helium Liner: Flash Thermoformable Sizes: 25-30.5 Mondo Color: Spring Green MSRP: $729.95 Binding Compatibility: Universal Ski Mountaineering, TECH* 2009/1010 Garmont Daemon Liner: Rapid Pad-Lock Sizes: 25-30.5 Mondo Color: Blue/Grey Pearl MSRP: $629.95 Binding Compatibility: Universal Ski Mountaineering More Info: Visit

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