FoxFury Pro III Bike Light - New Gear

April 25, 2008

Holy smokes... they say that this headlamp/handlebar-mounted bike light system illuminates enough of your path to safely reach speeds of 55 mph! Now that's a powerful night lighting system! Not that anyone will want to be going that fast on a road or mountain bike (unless they have a deathwish) in the middle of the night, but you know that you can. The new Pro III from FoxFury looks to be the standard by which other bike lights are measured. At 520 Lumens, the PRO III Bike Light offers extreme illumination for cyclists no matter where they ride. Boasting 4, 3-watt CREE XR-E LED's, this represents by far the brightest headlamp in the FoxFury lineup. In dark or night-time conditions, the light offers up to 500 feet (152 m) of distance vision and 60 feet peripheral vision (18 m), and permits a rider to reach speeds of up to 55 mph (88km/h). That's a powerful light! It also looks like this would be a popular light for ATV or off-road motorcycles in addition to the standard headlight on those machines. Just a note on FoxFury, they are one of the top manufacturers of application-specific headlamps and flashlights that are used by emergency responders, police and military personnel worldwide. FoxFury Pro III Bike Light Features 520 lumens Up to 500 ft distance and 60 ft peripheral lighting Rechargeable battery pack Four 3 Watt CREE XR-E LEDs Can be head, helmet or handlebar mounted (mounts included) 6 lighting modes including an SOS mode Waterproof and impact resistant MSRP: $369.99 This lighting system looks to provide some of the brightest lighting available today. For 24-hour bike races or for those mountain bikers who wish to extend their riding time, the new FoxFury Pro III lighting system will definitely do the trick! More Info: Visit to Learn More about the Pro III

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