DryGuy BootGlove Ski Boot Insulator

December 29, 2008

On Christmas Eve, we hit Alta for some pre-Christmas powder. Conditions were stellar, but the temperatures were frigid and the winds were howling. Summit temperatures were in the single digits and with the wind chill, I'm guessing we were in the double-digit negative temps... it was COLD. But, there was no stopping us from enjoying the excellent conditions and untracked powder. My Head World Cup Ti ski boots were custom-fit by Surefoot and provide an awesome fit with thin socks. But, after an hour on the hill, my toes are always cold. I've just dealt with it in the past and my toes have eventually warmed up after a few hours. However, this time it appears I've actually gotten frostbite on my toes. It's not so bad that my skin is turning white or black, but it's bad enough that my big toes are still numb and sensitive to the touch. What was previously a minor issue is now a bit more problematic--I don't want to get severe frostbite on my toes. I've been hesitant to try boot warmers because they will add height to my footbed, thus messing up my snug boot fit. So, I started looking around and have found the DryGuy BootGlove as a possible alternative to battery-powered boot heaters. About the DryGuy BootGlove Designed in the frigid Alaskan Arctic, the DryGuy BootGlove provides a Thermal Protection Layer of Insulating neoprene for your Ski Boots to keep your feet warm in extreme wind chill and winter snow conditions. Skiers will appreciate the lasting warmth BootGlove provides adding up to +20°F/7°C to your boots toe box and conserving heat loss where it most important… YOUR FEET! 5 Mil N2s Neoprene outer shell Adjustable Velcro heel strap Wind and water proof Side abrasion patches 30 day warranty MSRP: $29.95 Has anyone used these? I'm curious just how well they work... my numb toes would appreciate an uptick in the temperature the next time I'm up on the hill. Buy Now: Search for the DryGuy BootGlove

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