Deuter KangaKid Kid Carrier Backpack Review

August 4, 2008

In preparation for our family vacation back to the homeland of Seattle, I started looking for gear that would make our lives easier. We already have two BOB Revolution jogging strollers (single and duallie), already got the Kelty FC 2.0 Kid Carrier... what else could we need? Well, with three kids under three-years-old, strapping at least one of them down is always a plus. I saw the Deuter KangaKid kid carrier backpack and thought that would be a great addition to our slew of kid-friendly outdoor gear. Not only is it a solid backpack by itself, it can transform into a capable kid carrier in a matter of minutes--perfect for those "just in case" trips along the Seattle waterfront when little legs get tired. When the Deuter KangaKid arrived, I was instantly impressed with its style, fit and function. It looked like a solid backpack with all the standard fare commonly found on Deuter's lineup of backpacks. If you're not familiar with Deuter, it's because you live on the wrong side of the pond. Deuter has been building backpacks for longer than almost everyone else on the market, but they have only recently (over the past 10 years) grown their presence in the States. Deuter KangaKid Review The Deuter KangaKid sports a comfortable suspension, shoulder straps and waist belt. I've found it to be very comfortable under the load of my 18-month old son for 2-3 hours at a time. He digs it and seems to be very comfortable hiking around town and on the trail. Getting him in and out of it is fairly easy, but it requires something to set both he and the pack on, like the front seat of a car, a sturdy table or a bench. It's easy to get him buckled in and on my back with the weight distributed on my hips. Hauling the kids around along the Seattle waterfront, this pack was the perfect choice. I felt I was able to carry all the essentials along with the most essential of them all... my son. Without my son in the pack, it felt a little odd and the waistbelt sat a little higher than my hips. I had to loosen everything back up to get it to sit right, but that should be expected when switching modes. Good KangaKid Deuter quality and good looks Easy-to-use kid carrying system Very comfortable suspension design Lots of pockets and storage areas Bad KangaKid Unweighted, the pack sits a little high on the waist 33 lb. carrying capacity... seems like they are being conservative No waistbelt adjustment straps to pull the pack in tighter Side straps cover the clamshell zippers Overall, the Deuter KangaKid has been a great addition to our kid-friendly gear quiver. I love how comfortable it is and the flexibility of being able to strap a kid into it on-the-fly is awesome. The plentiful pockets keep everything organized. This might replace our Kelty for hiking trips with the kids as well... it's so much easier to haul around. Buy Now: Search for Deuter Kid Packs on

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