Danner Expedition GTX Hiking Boot

December 29, 2008

I hiked 65 miles in 12 days and used some old school trail running shoe. Ever since that trip I was sold on using trail running shoes for backpacking. All until I about sprained both ankles numerous times on a little 4-miler. I'd heard great reviews on the Danner Expedition GTX and I'm glad I made the switch. The rubber toe sold me the most. When your hiking in the morning and brushing through wet grass it's nice to keep the toes dry. The soles are just solid. The "aggressive Vibram" sole is trail gripper and it may be tough but it's not heavy. Once again I'm not a huge weight junkie so 2lbs. 10oz might be a lot to some but they feel super nice. The lacing system has nice hooks that hold well during the hike. The leather is also burly enough for field work or things of that nature. They are more on the narrow side, Danner makes an EE width if needed. My biggest concern with a boot was comfort, obviously, but these things are down right easy on the feet. Trek with confidence and comfort. BUY NOW: The Danner Expedition GTX Hiking boot at

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