Crank Brothers Joplin Adjustable-height Seatpost

July 17, 2008

Up for the climb, down for the descent. Up for the climb, down for the descent. I just did that yesterday. Most of the time, I don't have time to adjust the seat down when on a trail with lots of ups and downs. The result is an awkward seat position during hairy, technical descents. "Dang! I wish I had dropped my seat down for this descent!" echoes through my mind. But, just when I think that, the trail either flattens out or starts climbing back up. It's trails like that for which adjustable-height posts were developed. the early versions were heavy and awkward to operate. They had too much mechanical guts to be serviceable for the long-term. And their weight didn't make sense. Enter the Crank Brothers Joplin Adjustable Seatpost This little number is smartly-designed (as all Crank Brothers products are) and highly functional. With two options: 1) Lever-activated and 2) Remote-activated, the Crank Brothers Joplin seatpost offers 3 inches of adjustability on-the-fly. Not only will this benefit any all-mountain rider, but especially anyone riding an interrupted seat tube design. Available in the most common sizes (30.9 & 31.6) and weighing in at 461-534 grams, it's a worthwhile upgrade and 200 grams of extra weight--unless you're a weight weenie. Here are a few more features of the Crank Brothers Joplin seatpost: Length: 382 mm Options: Under-seat lever (L model) or Remote lever (R model) Weight: 461 g (L model) or 534 g (R model) Adjustment Range: 3 inches Sizes: 30.9 and 31.6 mm Warranty: 2 years Price: $250 (L model) or $285 (R model) I've used the Maverick Speedball on a quick ride a few years back, but I have yet to get on the Crank Brothers Joplin seatpost. It looks like a great design and something that would be an awesome addition to any bike. If you (like me) find yourself wanting to raise and lower your seatpost all the time, take a look at the Crank Brothers Joplin. Buy Now: Search our Bike Catalot for the Crank Brothers Joplin

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