Castelli Insolito Radiation Jacket - New for Fall 2008

September 18, 2008

Drawing on the immutable Laws of Thermodynamics, Castelli clothing designers have developed a ground-breaking fabric technology that takes advantage of the way the body creates, saves and loses heat. Called Radiation, the technology utilizes an ultra-thin, reflective material that maintains body heat without resorting to bulky layers of insulating material, such as fleece. Castelli Radiation is unique to cycling (as well as to the entire outdoor recreation industry), explained Castelli Brand Manager Steve Smith, who led development of the technology. Radiation was such an advance it forced Castelli to re-think the way a jacket was constructed. Castelli is debuting the technology here at Interbike in the Insolito Radiation Jacket (MSRP $500) that features a removable Radiation liner (Radiation Vest, MSRP $120) creating a unique, an all-in-one, 3-season jacket. Until now, the cycling industry has ignored heat loss through radiation, instead relying on bulky fleece to protect against conductive heat loss, Smith explained. No products have employed the concept of radiation to protect against heat loss. Until Castelli. Oftentimes, the most revolutionary inventions seem the most obvious in retrospect. Such is the case with Radiation technology. To put Radiation theory into practice, Castelli fabric engineers spent countless hours transforming an aluminum reflective NASA-type space-blanket material into a laminate suitable for apparel. The upshot is a fabric that is extremely thin (measured in microns), captures and reflects body heat, and is perforated for breathability. Early on Castelli designers decided that a Radiation liner would be the foundation of a modular jacket design that would be versatile enough for fall, winter and spring cycling. It might not make business sense to market an all-in-one, year-round racket, but that what were doing, said Castelli US President Greg Cowan. With the introduction of Radiation, we have made a strong statement about Castelli innovation and performance, designing the best winter apparel possible. The Insolito Radiation Jacket (MSRP $500) features a removable Radiation liner, removable sleeves, removable hood, and zippered front venting. More importantly, the Insolito outer fabric employs the most breathable Windstopper fabric available from Gore, which adds superb wind protection to the Radiation liner warmth. The Insolito delivers remarkable warmth and protection regardless of what Mother Nature throws at the rider. In addition to the Insolito Radiation Jacket (MSRP $500), Castelli also offers a women version, the Alamos Radiation Jacket (MSRP $400); as well as the Quantum Radiation Jacket (MSRP $400), which features all of the benefits of Radiation technology in a simpler design. More Info: Visit

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