Bordz-Up PL-2004 4-pair Ski Rack - New Gear

October 24, 2007

Something new that just came in the door is an innovative and nice looking ski rack for your garage. Bordz-Up has an interesting history as a machine-shop owner developed a way to show off his son's snowboards. With that he developed his Gravity Suspension Racks (GSR) that shows off the board and not the rack. It looks pretty sweet. Back to the Pipeline PL-2004 4-pair ski rack system. When compared to other storage ski racks, this thing is overbuilt and over-engineered, that's for sure. Everything else I've seen in this area has been akin to a few bent coat hangers or a 2x4 with dowels. This rack looks solid and will definitely hold 4 pair of skis and poles with absolutely no problem. Not only do they offer this innovative ski rack, but they also have solutions for snowboards, skateboards, wakeboards, surf boards and water skis. Deck out your garage with the entire lineup of Bordz-Up racks to store all your toys. A quick mount to the garage wall and you've got a solid storage rack that's also really nice looking. At $70, it's not cheap, but it will be a solid rack for years to come. BUY NOW: Check out to buy a Pipeline 4-Pair Ski Storage Rack

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