BOB Revolution Jogging Stroller Single & Duallie - Gear Review

April 18, 2007

Once the kids arrive, you've got to figure out a way to stylishly transport them around the neighborhood, at the grocery store, on bike trails and, of course, on mountain trails. When considering how you'll haul Junior around, there's really only one... BOB Revolution strollers. Honestly, they are the bomb. We own two of them in our family: A BOB Revolution Single and a Duallie Stroller. They are the finest jogging strollers around because they have packed the best features all into one, sturdy package. And, unlike most jogging strollers, the front wheel of the BOB Revolution strollers can be in either a fixed or swiveling position. This allows you to take the Revolution stroller shopping and not feel like you're steering the USS Missouri around the produce section. When jogging, you can easily lock the front wheel to prevent the dreaded "speed wobble syndrome". I don't know why that happens, but at a certain speed, the swiveling front wheel inevitably goes into "speed wobble" mode, prompting a quick slowdown and easy lock engagement before continuing on your way. What I haven't tried yet is to power on through the "speed wobble". Hmm...maybe the high-speed vibrations caused by the wobbling front wheel would help put my daughter to sleep for her nap... OK... back to the review. All BOB Revolution strollers feature a shock-absorbing system and a nifty folding design. In fact, the Single stroller will fold down compact enough to fit into airport X-ray machines (our daughter is a world traveler). You've got to lock it down with a Velcro strap or something, but it squeezes right though! You can't quite do that with the Duallie though, so now that we have two kids, quick flights will no longer be possible. The overall package is sturdy and relatively lightweight. Pockets abound and the seat seems comfortable for our daughter--she hasn't complained yet. You can even buy the infant car seat adapter and put your infant car seat into the stroller. The infant seat adapter works great on the Single stroller, but is a bit of a tight fit on the Duallie. A bit of a bonus on the Duallie is that the infant car seat adapter also gives the 2nd passenger a nice little snack tray and bottle holder. Everywhere we go, everyone comments on how cool our strollers are. The most common comment is on the swiveling front wheel. If you enjoy the outdoors, and you have kids, the BOB Revolution Duallie and Single Strollers are by far the best overall jogging strollers on the market. What I like about the BOB Revolution Stroller The swivel front wheel The suspension design keeps the kids ride nice and smooth Solid construction and secure buckle system keeps the kids in place Ability to accept infant seats BOB quality BUY ONE: Search for BOB Strollers

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