Black Diamond Punisher Ice Gloves

November 12, 2008

Ski season is upon us. Which, in Salt Lake, means ice season is close! Yahoo! While getting out and touring I am also getting my ice climbing gear together, including a new pair of Black Diamond Punisher Ice Gloves. The Black Diamond Punisher Ice Gloves are a great mid-weight glove for single pitch ice climbing days, or all day adventures if you've got warmer hands. These gloves manage to maintain dexterity while providing insulation and being waterproof. Black Diamond Punisher Gloves- The Details Knuckles are padded with EVA foam, keeping the brusing to a minimum on those swings where your hand may hit at the same time as your pick does! Outer shell of gloves consists of BDry, a waterproof material, and abrasion resistant stretch Schoeller, which allows you to keep that dexterity! Grab screws off your harness, set up and anchor or open your thermos, you still have the ability to do all these things in these gloves. Fleece lined for added warmth. Leather palm is great for belaying! A few downsides- small hands might be out of luck. I wear an extra small in these gloves, and they work fine. Any smaller though, and I'd be looking for a kids version of this glove! Also, the fleece liner and BDry shell material pretty much guarantee stinky gloves by the end of the season. Sweaty hands in a minimal breathing glove are a good recipe for a funk worse than my rock shoes. However, smelly or not, I love these gloves! BUY NOW! Black Diamond Punisher Glove

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