Black Diamond Focus SA Climbing Harness

November 19, 2008

This past summer I figured it was time to retire my old Trango climbing harness. Since Black Diamond is a brand that I trust for a lot of my gear I figured a climbing harness from them would be a good choice. To figure out what harness I'd buy, given that there are a number of Black Diamond harness models to choose from, I listed what I wanted in a harness Adjustable leg loops - I prefer adjustable leg loops cause I climb throughout the year 4 season capability - Minimize the amount of fleece or other fabric on the harness that might make it a one season Gear loops made for rock climbing but will work for alpine and Comfortable - it has to be comfortable for long alpine or even big wall Light - I wanted to be sure it wasn't too heavy After considering these factors I finally honed in on the Focus SA. Much like the Focus AL which I have climbed in (and which is on sale at Moosejaw through the store) the SA is that all around climbing harness you want with all the bells and whistles but without the bulk and weight. It comes in at 17oz but if you're of the ounce shaving crowd and don't want adjustable leg loops then the Focus at 14oz may be the meal ticket for you. Black Diamond calls it their top of the line harness for the all around category stating that the Focus SA: ...combines a Speed Adjust waistbelt and leg-loop buckles with all of the Focus features including: SoftEdge construction, pressure-molded gear loops, 15 kN-rated haul loop and ultra-comfortable 3D molded foam. As for myself? I call it perfect for my style of climbing. Comfy all day on a route on the Grand Teton and easy on easy off at my favorite crag. It's light enough that I barely feel it. For the all around climber, the Focus SA from Black Diamond is as sweet as red-pointing! Buy Now: Pick up the Black Diamond AL Climbing Harness and let your mind be at ease.

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