Black Diamond Expedition Trekking Poles

October 12, 2008

Whenever I leave the house for a hike, no matter the length, one item always tossed into the back of my truck is my Black Diamond Expedition Trekking Poles. Collapsing down small, they fit on the side of any of my packs when not in use, and extend out to my length of choice when I need them. Along with hiking, I use these poles as my backcountry ski poles, for many of the same reasons. They work great for the ascent and descent. Black Diamond's poles use their patented FlickLock system, which I have yet to see fail in a variety of different uses. Once you set the lock at your chosen length, it stays there. No problem with your poles collapsing when you don't want them to! Black Diamond Expedition Trekking Poles Patented FlickLock system keeps poles adjusted to your length, no matter what terrain you take them on! Poles come in 2 sizes (125cm and 140 cm) Plastic/Rubber combo on the grip doesn't freeze with snow like many of the foam grips do. 3 piece design allows the poles to collapse down smaller BUY NOW! Black Diamond Expedition Trekking Poles

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