Black Diamond Covert with Avalung Pack

October 27, 2008

I have gone through more packs then all my gear. Jackets come close, but I have been through a ton of packs. Were my packs wearing our rapidly? No. I'm a gear freak and don't have the self control to avoid buying new toys that do amazing things. Check out the Black Diamond Covert pack that comes with all the things you need for your avy goods. Don't worry, you can find space in your gear closet for this one and you won't be switching this out for a long time. This is definitely the pack you don't wear on college campus to cart your books around. People are going to give you gnarly looks as they stare at the Avalung oxygen hose coming out of your shoulder strap. In the backcountry this integration is key to get the extra fuzzy feeling of safeness. I also like the shape of the pack, its not super long or short. It doesn't feel like your packing an expedition pack yet doesn't feel like a dinky daypack. The bottom straps for your skis actually cinch down to keep those planks secure on the up. The inside of the pack has sectioned off compartments for everything which is nice to keep your probe separate from your turkey-cranberry sandwich. BD also covered the little details like having clever zippers, low bulk design, and even a cute little orange whistle on your sternum strap. Pack specifics Comes in 22L (1343cu in) or 32L (1953cu in). Thermoformed waist belt, shoulder straps, and back panel. Weight: 22L - 2lb 14oz 32L - 3lb 7oz. WARNING: The little hose coming out of this pack does not make you invincible. Goto an Avy class, 'nuff said. BUY NOW: Black Diamond Covert with Avalung Winter Pack at

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