Arnette Sunglasses Full House - Gear Review

May 4, 2008

Are you a classic new schooler? Yearning for the good ol' days where an over-tweaked huntony grab could land you a shot in Freeze Magazine? Do you still idolize Josh Loubek and his Hart F17's? Then you're my kinda guy. You should be rockin' Arnette Sunglasses' Full House model, because it's a classic too. The Arnette Full House is a pair of no-frills sunglasses that has remained relatively unchanged since the 1900's. I got my first pair in '98. And they are like the Raichle Flexon ski boot -- if these specimens of sweet eyewear gear fit on your head, you love them. So what is that head shape? A little narrower ear-to-ear then front-to-back. Basically, a football. Okay, that's an exaggeration -- it's not like Dory in Finding Nemo. But if you have a smaller-than-average nose, then all the better. Because if you, like me, have a small nose bridge then you'll be stoked to find sunglasses that don't have a big gap over your nose that lets the wind whistle through your eyeballs. You'll never want anything different. Sure, they look a little bit like a throwback to the 90's. But they fit, don't they? And people with parrot-fish heads can't be picky. They don't have any tacky material on the nose or temples, which is a shame because it makes them slip down the nose a bit when you get active & sweaty. But these are more street than anything else -- they are too heavy for biking or trail running. But they have a more pronounced ear curve than other modern sunglasses, so they still hold on the ears. Which is a complaint I have with some sunglasses nowadays -- the earpieces are too straight, meaning that they often slip down the nose -- even with tacky material on the nose piece. So check them out and if you are a flounder-head with a small nose like me, they'll become your go-to pair of sunglasses for everyday use. But for more active endeavors, pick something that is lighter weight and has tacky material on the nose & temples. Click here to check out all sunglasses on Click here for killer deals on designer street sunglasses from

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